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Day 5 blastocyst pictures from IVF
High quality and low quality blastocyst embryos

Day 5 (or day 6) transfer after in vitro fertilization - blastocyst stage culture and transfer
can maintain high pregnancy rates with very low risk for triplets

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Our Blastocyst Transfer IVF Success Rates

Picture of blastocyst at time of embryo transfer
4 blastocysts that were "left over" after the embryo transfer
These 5 day old embryos were cryopreserved (frozen) for future use

Day 5 human blastocyst picture showing inner cell mass
Hatching mouse blastocyst stained with fluorescent dye
Embryo was cultured on human tubal cells (coculture)
Red-stained cells (trophectoderm) - would become placenta
Blue-stained cells are inner cell mass - fetal cells

Low quality blastocysts
poor quality blast
Blastocyst showing poor morphology in cells of both components - the inner cell mass (at 6 to 9 o'clock) and the trophectoderm
blast poor
Poor quality day 6 blastocyst
Most cells are necrotic (dead and disintegrating)
  • These low quality blastocysts show that blastocyst culture is not a magic bullet for infertility.
  • Most human embryos do not have the genetic potential to develop normally to the blastocyst stage, hatch from their shells, implant and continue normal embryonic development in order to result in a live birth.

More blastocyst embryo photos and details about blastocyst grading

More embryo pictures

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