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Egg Donation Cost at the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago $27,000 + medications for a complete egg donation cycle

Egg Donation Cost at the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago + medications for a complete egg donation cycle

Includes all donor and agency fees

We offer 2 different pricing plans for IVF with fresh donor eggs

Traditional single cycle egg donation plan – without meds See more details below

  • Donor egg risk-sharing plan covers up to 4 fresh donor egg cycles
    80% refund of medical costs if no live birth

We also offer egg donation with frozen eggs
Cost with frozen eggs from $18,250
Frozen Donor Egg Costs

We have many egg donors available now

Our donor egg program has consistently high success rates

Our 2015 success rates with fresh donor eggs

  • Live birth rate 72.5% Per embryo transfer

More about our donor eggs success rates
Know the success rates at your clinic before you do egg donation
Links to the US government CDC Report on IVF and Egg Donation Success Rates

How much does IVF with a donor egg cost?

Our current cost for a complete egg donation cycle is $28,000. This includes the donor’s fee of $7,000 to $9,000 and $400 for short term medical insurance for the donor.

The cost of donor egg IVF varies greatly at different IVF centers. Some clinics charge over $30,000 without medications for a single donor cycle. Be sure that you understand all of the costs involved before starting the process.

  • Donor medication costs are additional and usually cost about $4000-6000
  • The recipient woman also needs medications – cost is usually about $800-1500

This is a “cash discounted” cost for couples paying in advance. We do not do insurance billing for cash discounted cycles. The undiscounted fee for an egg donation cycle is about 5% higher. This package includes all monitoring and procedures, for the egg donor and the recipient.

Costs for additional procedures
Blastocyst transfer (day 5 transfer)No extra charge
ICSI – intracytoplasmic sperm injectionNo extra charge
Sperm freezing$200
Embryo freezing  (1 year storage included)$1,000
Frozen embryo transfer cycle
(leftover fertilized embryos)
Embryo storage (after 1st year$800 per year


Comparison of our 2 pricing plans for IVF with fresh donor eggs

Traditional pricing

One donor for each recipient

Egg Donation Shared Risk Plan

One donor for each recipient

$32,000 refundable (80%)
Details on Egg
Donation Shared Risk page
portion for duration of risk-sharing
$8,000 (20%)
Additional non-refundable
portion for each attempt using fresh donor eggs
Donor fee ($7,000 to $9,000)
+ donor insurance fee ($400) = $7,400 to $9,400


We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have so that you feel completely confident when taking the first step toward building your family.

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