AFCC named among America’s Best Fertility Clinics 2024 by Newsweek. Learn more.
AFCC named among America’s Best Fertility Clinics 2024 by Newsweek. Learn more.

Low Cost Fertility Screening

We offer low cost fertility screening packages for those who want to know more about their fertility potential.

Two fertility screening packages are offered that evaluate the sperm and the ovarian reserve (remaining egg supply).
Over the last several decades there has been a continuing trend for women to delay their childbearing. Many women now plan to delay starting a family until their mid to late 30’s which was very unusual several decades ago.

As a result of this delay, some women will have difficulty conceiving when they are finally ready to start a family due to either a low egg supply or low egg quality situation.

Ovarian reserve testing gives women insight about their egg supply for the future. Ovarian reserve tests for the quantity of eggs remaining. Egg quality is a separate issue which is greatly affected by female age.

Basic Fertility Screening

Fertility Screening including AMH

Female Day 3 FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) Day 3 FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
Day 3 Estradiol Day 3 Estradiol
Transvaginal ultrasound for antral follicle counts Transvaginal ultrasound for antral follicle counts

AMH (anti-mullerian hormone)
Male Semen analysis Semen analysis

Basic Fertility Screening Package

The basic fertility screening package includes two blood tests and a transvaginal ultrasound on the female partner and a semen analysis on the male.

The blood tests include day 3 FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and estradiol hormone levels.
The ultrasound test counts the antral follicles in the ovaries as another gauge of the woman’s ovarian reserve.
The total cost for the basic fertility screening package is $90.

Comprehensive Fertility Screening Package

Our more comprehensive fertility screening package includes all of the tests from the basic screening package and adds an anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) blood test.

  • AMH levels give us another way to estimatea woman’s ovarian reserve
  • The total cost of the comprehensive fertility screening package is $110
  • Some women with diminished ovarian reserve indicated by this testing would decide to try to get pregnant sooner rather than later.
  • Some may decide to pursue fertility treatments
  • Some might choose to have some eggs frozen for fertility preservation for the future.

These fertility screening packages do not test for many of the causes of infertility. However, they give a basic understanding of the egg supply and the sperm situation.

A more complete evaluation for infertility is indicated for couples with a female under age 35 that have been trying to get pregnant for at least 12 months, or for couples with a female 35 or older that have been trying for at least 6 months.

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