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Outcomes matter.

Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago is proud to run one of the leading egg donation programs in the country.

Success rates for IVF using donor eggs depends on variables like the age of the donor, her egg quantity and quality, and the quality of the recipient's uterine lining. But more than anything, success is directly correlated to the quality and standards of the IVF clinic you choose.

Donor Egg Success Rates and Statistics Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago

You deserve the best of the best

At AFCC, our live birth success rate per transfer was 75.7% for 2017 for fresh donor egg. The USA national average for 2017 was 50.7%


Donor Egg Success Rates and Statistics Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago


What Sets AFCC Apart?


Our doctors have spent decades building a leading egg donation program that consistently and significantly outperforms the national average.


AFCC’s egg donors are thoroughly screened to optimize every chance for success, and our state-of-the-art laboratory is held to the tightest quality control standards.


We leverage the latest technological advances and commit to ongoing learning, all for the benefit of our patients.


We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have so that you feel completely confident when taking the first step toward building your family.

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