AFCC has partnered with NutraBloom, which offers expertly-formulated supplements to support your health and fertility. Learn more.
AFCC has partnered with NutraBloom, which offers expertly-formulated supplements. Learn more.
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Take control of your future by preserving your fertility today.

Fertility, on your timeline.
According to a study by the National Center for Health Statistics, there were over nine times as many first births to women ages 35 and up than there were 40 years ago - which means women are waiting longer to start a family. Since most people's fertility naturally declines as we age, fertility preservation can be a proactive solution.

Egg Freezing for Fertility Preservation

Why Consider Egg Freezing?


When’s the “right” time to have a baby? From careers, to education, to health, to finding the right person — lots of factors come into play. And these days, on average, women are waiting longer to start a family than they used to.

Unfortunately, fertility declines as you age. Egg freezing can help stop the so-called biological clock, so you’ve got the best chance of getting pregnant when the time is right for you.

Egg Freezing: How it Works

We’re passionate about helping our patients overcome their infertility hurdles, and we’re equally passionate about giving women the chance to get ahead of any infertility issues. Here’s what to expect if you’re considering egg freezing at AFCC.

Understand your options

Ideally, eggs should be frozen during peak fertility years — your 20s and early 30s — as advanced maternal age is a major factor in causing infertility.

The egg freezing process begins with a clinical consultation, followed by pre-screening lab work (hormonal lab testing, preconception screening, ovarian and uterine evaluation, etc.). You’ll then receive an outline of the stimulation process.

The Egg Freezing Process

When your targeted cycle begins, we use fertility medications to stimulate your ovaries and trigger egg production. We then monitor your egg growth over the next 10-12 days with frequent ultrasounds and lab work. 

When the eggs have grown sufficiently, you will be given a final injection to prepare the eggs for retrieval. Approximately 36 hours later, the eggs will be retrieved using a vaginal ultrasound and fine needle. During this time, you will be under anesthesia and will feel little to no discomfort.

Once harvested, the eggs will be frozen via vitrification and stored in our IVF laboratory until you’re ready to use them.

Thaw and Transfer
Eggs can be safely frozen and preserved for years. When you’re ready to start your family, frozen eggs are thawed and combined with sperm to create embryos.

Affordable pricing

Fertility preservation can be a substantial investment, but we want to make sure it’s one that is attainable for all. As a partner of Prelude Fertility, we’re now able to extend additional savings on both egg freezing cycles as well as medications. Contact us to review your options.

Choose AFCC for Egg Freezing in Chicago

Ready to preserve your future fertility and take control of your family-building journey with the help of egg freezing? We’re here to answer all your questions and concerns so that you can move forward with confidence. Contact Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago today for more information about egg freezing or to schedule a consultation at one of our fertility clinics in Chicago, Downers Grove, or Gurnee, IL.


We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have so that you feel completely confident when taking the first step toward building your family.

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