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IVF Success Rates for Milwaukee Area and Wisconsin Fertility Clinics

IVF Success Rates for Milwaukee Area and Wisconsin Fertility Clinics

Advanced Fertility Center 10 miles south of the Wisconsin border in Gurnee, IL

In 2018, SART released the 2016 IVF Success Rate Report that shows clinic-specific IVF success rates

There are large differences between success rates at different IVF centers

Do your research before you do IVF.

Our IVF live birth success rates for 2016 and the USA national average. Data is from the 2016 SART report.

  • We are proud that our IVF success rates have been one of the highest in the Chicago IL and Milwaukee Wisconsin areas every year.
  • But don’t take our word for it – follow the links below to the CDC or SART websites with IVF success rates for all reputable IVF clinics in Milwaukee and WI – and the rest of the USA.

IVF pregnancy success and live birth rates for our IVF clinic

We are not bragging if we back it up! We do. We put our money where our mouth is by offering 2 money back guarantee IVF pricing options for couples that qualify:

The 100% refund IVF plan and The Shared Risk IVF Plan

IVF Costs:

Our IVF cycle cost includes everything except medications for $10,000 (cash discounted price). The average charge at other centers is higher than this. Many centers charge $12,000 to $15,000.

It is important not to equate price with quality when it comes to IVF. Some centers are expensive and have low success rates. Do your research on success rates and costs before you do IVF.

See our success rates using donor eggs

See our IVF success rates with blastocyst transfer

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