Excellence in IVF

IVF patients choose Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago because of our excellent success rates, which remain above the national average year after year (after year).

You’re More Likely To Get Pregnant at AFCC

IVF success rates are not the same at every clinic. At AFCC, we’ve significantly beaten the national average for IVF success rates, more than 20 years in a row.

IVF Success Rates: In Vitro Fertilization Statistics

IVI success rates

How We Do It

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Commitment to ongoing learning


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World-class physicians, nurses and lab staff


Commitment to ongoing learning

Know Before You Go

The best way to increase the success of IVF is by having the procedures done at a high-quality IVF program. Before you choose an IVF clinic, you should know their success rates – you have a right to this information.