AFCC named among America’s Best Fertility Clinics 2024 by Newsweek. Learn more.
AFCC named among America’s Best Fertility Clinics 2024 by Newsweek. Learn more.


Donor Egg Treatment at Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago

IVF with donor eggs is an effective treatment for infertility, but success rates aren’t the same at every clinic. Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago has one of the best egg donation programs in the US.

Our live birth success rate per transfer was 75.7% for 2017 for fresh donor eggs

USA national average for 2017 was 50.7%

  • Excellent success rates
  • Large, diverse donor base
  • Fresh and frozen eggs, available now

We currently have Chicago area egg donors available interested in donating eggs. We do not have any waiting lists for couples needing an egg donor — and we also have a frozen donor egg bank with eggs ready to be used immediately.

Candidates for Donor Eggs?

We might recommend using donor eggs if you:

  • have experienced premature ovarian failure (early menopause)
  • have very poor egg quality
  • responded poorly to ovarian stimulation
  • are of advanced female age

The Process

  1. You’ll choose an appropriate egg donor. Most commonly, in our clinic, recipients choose the donor from our list of anonymous pre-screened egg donors.
  2. Consents are signed by all parties.
  3. For a cycle using fresh eggs, the donor is stimulated with injected medications to develop multiple eggs before they are retrieved from the ovaries. If frozen eggs are being used, the eggs are thawed for use.
  4. We perform IVF with the donor eggs and appropriate sperm.
  5. You’ll be given medications to prepare your uterus for an embryo transfer.

Choosing a Donor

At any given moment, Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago has 60-80 Chicago area egg donors available, and many of these are proven donors. We are continuously recruiting new, well-qualified donors so that we can maintain an extensive and diverse pool for recipient parents.

Donors are thoroughly screened for ovarian reserve, infectious diseases and genetically transmissible conditions. They can be known or anonymous to the recipient.

Our patients have access to donor photographs and the complete donor database with specific, detailed information about every donor, including:

  • medical history
  • social history
  • family history
  • a psychological evaluation
  • intelligence test results (IQ)

See our complete egg donor list

Become an Egg Donor

We’re always seeking egg donors of all ethnic backgrounds at AFCC.

Become an Egg Donor — and Give the Gift of Fertility.

  • Competitive compensation: Our donors are compensated between $7,000-$9,000 for each completed cycle.
  • Egg freezing options: You’ll have the opportunity to freeze your eggs for your own fertility preservation.
  • Seamless process: As one of the leading egg donation programs in the country, we’ve perfected our process to make it as simple and streamlined for you as possible.


We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have so that you feel completely confident when taking the first step toward building your family.

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