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Human Fertilization - Fertilized human egg pictures from IVF, in vitro fertilization

One-cell embryo, also called a zygote, or a two pronuclear embryo

Picture of IVF fertilized egg at high magnification
Male and female genetic material (DNA) is in the 2
pronuclei (circular structures) in the center
Polar body is seen at one o'clock - just under the shell

  • The (ovarian) cumulus cells around the egg (see egg images) have been stripped off
  • This is what we see at the "fertilization check" the morning after the IVF egg retrieval procedure
  • Evidence of fertilization is shown by the presence of the 2 pronuclei in the center
  • Without fertilization, the egg would look the same, but without any pronuclei
  • When 3 pronuclei are present instead of 2, then it is a triploid zygote - which has an extra set of 23 chromosomes - and can not make a normal baby.
  • A fertilized egg is also called a "zygote", a "1 cell embryo" or a "2 pronuclear embryo"

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