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Pictures of human eggs and embryos with abnormalities of the outer shell - the zona pellucida

All of these were from in vitro fertilization

4 cell embryo with normal zona pellucida
Picture of a high grade 4-cell embryo with a normal zona pellucida

Empty zona from in vitro fertilization
"Empty zona" - the cells of the embryo have escaped through a crack in the zona (shell)
The break can be seen by the "X" at 5 o'clock
This zona pellucida is slightly thicker than average

Egg without zona pellucida
Photo of an egg with no zona pellucida around it
Egg is on the lower left, cumulus cells from the ovary are stuck to it on the right
This woman's eggs had other unusual abnormalities as well

Irregular zona pellucida from IVF
This is a 6-cell embryo of high quality (grade)
The zona pellucida is irregularly shaped and thicker than normal
The irregular shape is best seen in the 3 to 6 o'clock area

Thick zona from ivf
This is a 4-cell embryo of high quality
The zona pellucida is thicker than normal
Assisted hatching was done prior to embryo transfer

Thin zona shell of ivf embryo
The zona of this day 3 embryo is extremely thin