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Laparoscopic pictures of an enlarged polycystic ovary and laparoscopic ovarian cautery (drilling) for PCOS

Treatment of enlarged polycystic PCOS ovaries

 PCOS polycystic ovary laparoscopy picture
Photo of an enlarged polycystic ovary at laparoscopy
The outer surface appears thickened and "pearly white"

Polycystic ovary after laparoscopic cautery or drilling
Polycystic ovary after laparoscopic cauterization
This is sometimes referred to as ovarian "drilling"

An instrument was used at surgery to burn the surface of the polycystic ovary. In some PCOS patients, this will result in regular ovulation (usually not permanent "lifelong" ovulation).

The polycystic ovarian syndrome, anovulation, and induction of ovulation pages have more information related to PCOS.