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Multinucleated embryos from in vitro fertilization

Triploid human zygote
3 pronuclei are seen in the center of this one cell embryo
Chromosomally abnormal embryos like this are not transferred back to the female

Zygote with multiple pronuclei
Fertilized one cell embryo
Multiple pronuclei are visible (normal number of pronuclei is 2)
Embryo is chromosomally abnormal (has too many chromosomes)
Numerous sperm are visible bound to the zona, outer shell of the embryo

Multinucleated abnormal 2-cell IVF embryo
This abnormal 2-cell embryo is from in vitro fertilization from a 41 year-old woman
Multiple nuclei (circular structures that look like moon craters) are seen in both cells
This embryo was not transferred

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