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LGBT Fertility Care at the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago

The Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago helps gay, lesbian and transgender couples build their families with fertility treatments such as intrauterine inseminations with donor sperm, IVF, egg donation using either fresh or frozen eggs, and gestational surrogacy.

We are LGBT friendly - we treat all persons equally, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation.

Fertility treatment for lesbian couples

  • Usually the best fertility treatment to start with for lesbian couples is donor sperm insemination (donor IUI).
  • If several cycles of donor sperm insemination have failed it might be time to consider IVF, in vitro fertilization.
  • In some cases it can be appropriate to go straight to IVF without attempting donor sperm insemination first.

Fertility treatment for gay male couples

  • We help gay male couples who wish to become parents by using an egg donor along with a gestational carrier (gestational surrogate).
  • IVF is performed using eggs from a donor (either fresh or frozen eggs), along with sperm from one or both of the male partners.
  • One or two of the best embryos are transferred into the uterus of the gestational carrier, who carries the pregnancy.

Legal aspects of third party reproduction

When third party reproduction is used (donor sperm, donor eggs, or gestational carrier), there are some important legal issues to deal with. We refer our patients to attorneys who specialize in third party reproductive law to handle this.

Egg donation details

How are egg donation procedures done with fresh eggs and how is the timing of IVF with donor eggs done?

Availability of egg donors

  • We currently have Chicago area egg donors available interested in donating fresh eggs.
  • We also have an egg bank with frozen donor eggs that are available immediately.
  • Both fresh and frozen donor eggs are good options with pros and cons for each.
  • We do not have any waiting list for couples wanting to use donor eggs.

Success rates with donor eggs

Success rates with egg donation are very high at clinics at clinics with good donors and the expertise to manage the treatments properly.

  • Know the success rates at your clinic before you do treatment anywhere with donor eggs.

The national summary (as well as clinic specific results) of IVF cycles done in the years 1997-2016 are posted on the SART and CDC websites. See any clinic's IVF and donor egg success rates by following these links to SART or CDC.

  • In 2016, our live birth rate per transfer procedure with fresh donor eggs was 88% per transfer
  • The national average donor egg live birth rate for 2016 using fresh eggs was 50% per transfer
  • Details about our donor egg success rates

Egg donatioon live birth success rates Chicago

Being a recipient of donor eggs from out of town

Email us with questions about our donor program

A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches and entrance criteria for ART may vary from clinic to clinic.

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