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IVF Success Rates: In Vitro Fertilization Statistics

Our IVF Success Rates Are Among the Highest in the Country

The Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago has set itself apart as one of the national leaders in IVF and egg donation success rates.

  • Our statistics have been above the national average for 19 years in a row

Why Are Our Success Rates So High?

The ultimate goal is to help couples have children. To work toward this, our highly skilled team works diligently to stay on top of quality control. We make every effort to continually improve our knowledge base and methods.

Some reasons we are so successful:

  • Use of the latest technologies
  • Maintenance of stringent quality control
  • Hiring and training the best people
  • Commitment to ongoing learning
2017 IVF success rates 2017 egg donation success rates Chicago
Our IVF success rate for 2017 was 67.1% per cycle and national average was 54.7% Our egg donation success rate for 2017 was 75.7% and national average was 50.7%

Check any clinic's success rate

What Other Factors Affect IVF Success Rates?

In addition to the quality of the IVF program itself, other factors contribute to IVF success rates.

We Publish Our Success Rates - Some Clinics Do Not

If you go through in vitro fertilization, you need assurance that you have the highest chance of achieving your goal of bringing a new life into your family.

Why would so many clinics not show their success rates? Do they have something to hide? Maybe they don't have the proven track record that we do. Do some research and see if you can find a clinic that matches our:

How to increase your chance for having a successful IVF outcome

The best way to increase the success of IVF is by having the procedures done at a high quality IVF program. There are important differences in success rates between clinics. For example, if you go to the CDC (or SART) site, you will find clinics with IVF live birth success rates ranging from below 10% to over 60% per egg retrieval procedure for women under age 35.

Do your research before you do IVF.

We are proud of our IVF live birth success rates that have consistently been one of the highest in the Midwest every year.

However, don't take our word for it . Follow the links below to go to either the SART or CDC websites to compare IVF live birth rates for reputable IVF centers.

Recently, some Chicago area IVF centers have advertised that their IVF success rates are "higher than the national average". Unfortunately, some centers are being less than truthful (or they need math lessons). The CDC and SART reports for some of these IVF centers show success numbers consistently below the national average.

  • Ask your doctor for their recent IVF success rate statistics in writing - then check their numbers on the CDC and/or SART reports.
  • If you look for a specific IVF clinic on the CDC site and can't find it - check the "CDC Non-reporting ART Clinics By State". Look under your state to see if the program is listed as "non-reporting".
  • Some in vitro fertilization clinics break federal law by not reporting their IVF success results. That doesn't say much for their integrity or their success rates.

Our goal is to have the highest live birth success rates possible, while minimizing risks of multiple pregnancy - particularly high-order multiples (more than twins).

Couples considering IVF can best evaluate the best clinic for them when they have a thorough understanding of the outcome results of any programs that they are considering.

You should ask for data like that presented above regarding IVF pregnancy success rates, live birth rates and multiple pregnancy rates from any clinic you are considering for IVF. These issues are critical, and you have a right to know the outcome information.

Any IVF program can provide this information in writing. If they refuse, or make excuses about why they can't give you details in writing - consider going to another clinic. They probably have low success rates.

We are not bragging if we back it up. We do.

We put our money where our mouth is with 2 money back guarantee IVF pricing options for qualifying couples:

IVF Costs:

Our IVF cycle price includes everything except medications for $10,000 (cash discounted price). The average charge at other centers is higher than this.

Many IVF clinics charge $12,000 or more. It is important not to equate price with quality when it comes to IVF. Some centers are expensive with low success rates.

Watch a video showing how to research IVF success rates online for any US clinic

A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches and entrance criteria for ART may vary from clinic to clinic.

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