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Pictures of IVF eggs with their surrounding cumulus cells - as seen at the egg retrieval procedure

Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago

Eggs and cumulus cells at egg retrieval
This picture shows eggs and attached cumulus cells as seen at the egg retrieval procedure
At the top, a pipette is picking up one of the eggs
The actual egg is in the middle of the dark area
This picture is a view with a stereoscopic microscope

Detail of egg and corona and cumulus
Zoomed in detail showing the egg and the tightly packed corona cells around it

Picture of IVF egg at egg retrieval procedure
This picture shows a similar view using an inverted microscope
Egg (dark area in center) in the middle of it's adherent mass of hundreds of cumulus cells Cumulus cells are specialized ovarian cells associated with the egg in the follicle
They remain attached to the egg at ovulation

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