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Freezing Spare Embryos in IVF Lab - Embryo Cryopreservation

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Frozen embryo transfer cycle - FET

Sample Calendar for FET cycle

This page shows the older, traditional "slow freezing" method of embryo freezing. We are currently using vitrification - a new rapid freezing method that has resulted in better embryo survival and higher pregnancy success rates.

Cryopreservation area in IVF lab
The cryopreservation area of our lab
1: Liquid nitrogen supply tank
2: Backup embryo freezer
3: Main embryo freezer
4 & 5: Storage tanks for frozen embryos and sperm

Loading embryo freezer in IVF lab
The embryos are frozen in special straws in this device
- a controlled rate freezer
She is loading straws into the freezer

cryo cane
Straws that we freeze embryos in
From left to right in this image:
A nickel, 2 straws that we freeze embryos in, a cane that holds straws in the storage tank

cryo cane close
Here is a close-up of the same stuff
The 2 straws would also be labeled with names, etc. if they contained embryos

Seeding the straws in IVF lab
"Seeding" a straw at a critical temperature
This helps to avoid formation of intracellular ice
(ice formation can damage embryos)

Loading frozen embryos into the holding tank in IVF lab
In this picture, the cane with frozen embryos is being "plunged" into the storage tank
The tank contains liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Centigrade (minus 320 degrees F)

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