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Laparoscopic picture of a bicornuate uterus

A bicornuate uterus is one of several congenital uterine anomalies. It is a defect caused during early development that occurs prior to birth. It would not be discovered until sometime in adult life - or may never be discovered at all if there are no reproductive problems.

Laparoscopy picture of bicornuate uterus
Bicornuate uterus picture
Left uterine horn on left side of photo, right horn on right
Right ovary (white structure) visible at bottom right
Dark blue dye at bottom was injected during surgery to document open fallopian tubes

A bicornuate uterus should not cause infertility, but is associated with increased risks for miscarriage and preterm birth. It can be diagnosed using high quality 3D ultrasound and can be suspected from the results of a hysterosalpingogram, HSG (dye test).

A bicornuate uterus vs. a septate uterus can not be distinguished by the HSG alone or by hysteroscopy, but 3D ultrasound of the uterus or laparoscopy can make the distinction between them.

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