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Photos of abnormal eggs from our IVF lab

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Oocyte with fragmented polar body
Egg picture showing a severely fragmented polar body at 10 to 1 o'clock

Chromosomally abnormal egg picture
An egg with many pronuclei (hard to see here) and severe fragmentation
This is rare and consistent with a chromosomal abnormality

Abnormal human egg with vacuoles
An egg with numerous vacuoles (look like moon craters)
Another rare finding - cause unknown
This woman was in her 20's - all of her eggs had this appearance

Giant human egg photo
This shows a normal size human egg (top right) and a "giant egg"
Less than 1% of human eggs are larger than the normal size. They are called giant eggs.
The diameter of a giant egg is increased by 30% over the normal egg measurement
These unfertilized eggs are all believed to be diploid (doubled number of chromosomes)
Because of the chromosomal abnormality, if giant eggs fertilize they should not be transferred back to the uterus

IVF egg without zona pellucida
This egg has no zona pellucida (shell) around it
Egg is on the lower left, cumulus cells from the ovary are stuck to it on the right
This woman's eggs had other unusual abnormalities as well

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